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Oil-Free Rotary Lobe Blower Drum D/X140


Oil-Free Rotary Lobe Blower

Oil-free, contactless, lobe type blower/vacuum pump designed for the contaminant-free collection and discharge of liquids from road tankers.


For use with liquid food stuffs including milk and orange juice, can also be used on solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen, resins, waste and other chemicals.

Benefits at a glance

  • Compact – easy to install 
  • Coated rotors 
  • Low noise emissions 

General performance

  • Maximum flow: 235 m³ / hr (138 cfm) at 0.5 bar g (7 psi g)
  • Maximum vacuum: 0.65 bar / 65% continuous
  • Maximum pressure: 1 bar g (14.5 psi g)

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