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Solimar Silo Fluidizers

Solimar Fluidizers

Silo Fluidizer

Solimar Pneumatics offer a family of Silo Fluidizers that promote the discharge of dry products from bulk road tankers, storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and IBC´s.


Solimar´s disk fluidizer system provides aeration & vibration for fast, efficient unloading of dry bulk materials in the food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, petroleum and construction industries.

Solimar Silo Fluidizer - Installations
Solimar Silo Fluidizer - Example
Solimar Silo Fluidizer - Operating principle

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimized air volume unloads your silo or trailer faster
  • Prevent bridging, rat holing and compacting
  • Superior sealing properties at the outer edge of the aerator rubber stops the back flow of products into aeration lines – even when flood loading
  • FDA approved materials with operating temperatures up to 230 °C
  • Carbon, stainless steel or aluminium models in a variety of sizes provide high volume, low pressure or low volume, high pressure

General performance

Airflow Requirements: 

  • Series 4300: Capacity 15 - 30 m³ / hr, pressure 1- 2 bar
  • Series 4400: Capacity 40 - 70 m³ / hr, pressure 0,7 - 1,5 bar
  • Series 4500: Capacity 50 - 85 m³ / hr, pressure 0,3 - 0,7 bar
  • MINI: Capacity 3.5 - 5 m³ / hr, pressure 1 - 2 bar
  • Temperature up to 230 °C


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