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Standard Oil Cooler Drum Hydrapak HK3

Hydrapak Oil Coolers HK3

HK3 is a lightweight, hydraulically controlled cooling pack with integrated oil reservoir, radiator, hydraulic cooling fan, filter and pressure protection.

Drive applications

  • Compressors and blowers
  • Vacuum pumps and exhausters
  • LPG pumps
  • Cryogenic pumps
  • Moving floors
  • Aviation pumps
  • Petroleum pumps
  • Alternators / generators

Benefits at a glance

  • Lightweight – utilises 11 litres of hydraulic oil
  • Replaces previous 150 l oil reservoir
  • Thermostatically controlled – maintaining ideal oil temperature
  • Compact design – allows ease of installation

General performance

  • Maximum flow rate: 140 l / min (37 USG / min)
  • Maximum pressure: 4350 psi (300 bar)
  • Maximum heat dissipation: 8 kW (10.7 hp)

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