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A business unit of Gardner Denver
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Cargo Pump Pegasus
Cargo Pump Mustang
Cargo Pump Viper

Mustang / Viper / Pegasus

Cargo Pump

Stainless steel or cast iron, vane type cargo pump designed for the safe unloading of liquid chemicals and oil products from road tankers and tank containers.


Designed to unload a wide variety of liquid types and viscosity levels such as solvents, acetates, additives and more.

Benefits at a glance

  • External bearings – durable and rugged design
  • Excellent suction and line clearing capabilities
  • High efficiency – fuel efficient design
  • Multiple seal options – wide range of applications possible
  • Flexible configurations – CW or ACW input, multiple port types, relief valve, drives

General performance

  • Maximum flow rate: up to 80 m³ / h
  • Maximum pressure: 7 bar (105 psi)